Christine Wightman

Christine Wightman

I was born in Cardiff and brought up by Christian parents and attended the Elim church. 

I gave my heart to the Lord at 13 years of age and have been baptized in water and the Holy Spirit. I became a Sunday school teacher at 16 teaching primary children aged 3-5 years. This was the start of my love for children’s work.

In 1974 the company I worked for in Cardiff promoted me and I was moved to Birmingham. I joined the Erdington Elim Church and became involved in various roles of the church.

One of these roles was teaching in the Bubbles group on a Sunday morning for children between the ages of 2-7. I really enjoy teaching the children about Jesus and singing very fast lively songs. 

My favourite book in the bible is Psalms. Also, I like to read cooking and gardening books.

Musically I enjoy listening to Nia, Cliff Richard, Abba and Christian songs.

TV & Films I enjoy are Songs of Praise, Nature, Gardening, Cooking, Wallace & Gromitt and Disney films. Looking ahead to the future I want to nurture the young children and young people to give their lives to Jesus and help them to be protected from worldly wrongs.

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