Rob Roberts

Rob Roberts

Robert Roberts, so good my parents named me twice! I am Birmingham born and bred and proud to be a Brummie.

I am married to Eunice and we have a daughter two sons and five grandchildren.

From a child I always had a fascination of how things worked, often by taking something apart and making something else. I fancied a career in electronics but the schools career advisor was against it as I was colour blind in certain shades. (BANG) So I chose a career in engineering with an apprenticeship. Having left school at 15 with no qualification, I worked hard at my apprenticeship gaining City & Guilds in Mechanical Engineering Technicians and worked my way up the ladder to Design Engineering Manager in Aerospace Tooling.

Having a healthy attitude to always seeking out how everything is made led me on to my path to salvation.

From mid-teens to twenty I pondered the meaning of Life. I looked into evolution vs creation and various religions and was even more confused. So, I prayed if there was a God to show me the truth. If you are serious about this as I was, then when it comes your way you have to be honest with yourself. I committed my life to Christ after this and it was the best thing I did and had peace about it. I was baptised in the Holy Spirit within a year. This I needed as it was God’s seal of His commitment to me and my commitment to Jesus.

My interests

DIY around the home. Modern technology, gadgets and computers. I get bored very quick playing computer games. I’d rather write my own programs.

My music tastes

Gospel, Classical, Pop, sounds of the 60s, Abba, Enya. Neil Diamond. I don’t like jazz.

TV & Films

Period drama, Sci-Fi films, Thrillers, and the Discovery channel. I love the modern cartoon films like Ice age, How To Train Your Dragon, Avatar, and Monsters vs Aliens.

My tears

I hate the injustice in the world. Cowboy companies, identity fraud and in particular the rise in scams to rip people off by hiding behind the faceless internet. If a job is worth doing it is worth doing well. Let’s love one another not tread over people to get higher up the ladder.

If you are fortunate to be higher up the ladder, reach down and give a hand to those struggling to climb.

My hopes

I care about those hurting people around me and in particular the sick and it has always been my hope that God will use me through the hands of Jesus to touch those He brings across my path to bring peace and healing, both emotionally and physically