Simon Brown

Simon Brown

I have always lived in Birmingham, I became a Christian and was baptised in 2000. I have been blessed with a wife Sarah and three sons.

My favourites

  • Music: I enjoy listening to Jack Johnson, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, and Delirious (I am still dismayed as to why they split up)!
  • Books: My favourite book in the Bible is Ephesians. I also enjoy reading travel books by Michael Palin, Charley Boorman & Ewan McGregor. (Long Way Round, Long Way Down, Race To Dakar, By Any Means)
  • TV & Films: I really like to watch nature programs, and any adventure documentaries like the Long Way Round.


Fishing, Aston Villa, & Motor Bikes, playing acoustic/electric guitar and drums.


Any soap operas, reality tv, & not having a motor bike (sacrifice for the family)!

Hopes for the future

To grow in my relationship with God and Jesus. To continue training in church leadership, to serve God in both my mission and music team ministry.

Bubbles Group Leader
Christine Wightman
CAP Money Coach
David Lawson