Prayer Points

Prayer Points

If you are unable to attend this week’s prayer meeting, we would love for you to take time out and prayer for some of these points at home:

Erdington Elim Church

Alpha Youth

  • Take time to pray for Alpha Youth. 
  • Parents will bring and encourage their children to come
  • Pray for the launch on March 15th
  • Pray that the teachers and particularly June as they prepare and look at the material.
  • Pray that our neighbourhood will look at poster and  website for this special event.

Alpha Senior

  • Pray for the four people who will be going through this course.
  • Pray for Pastor and Christine as they lead this course.
  • Pray for who we can invite to come on this course.
  • Pray for the launch on the 2nd of March

Manse roof

  • Pray for ways we could raise the £6000 for church roof.
  • Pray for our special gift day on the 19th of April 


  • Pray for our Baptism service on Easter Sunday and that God will speak to those who have not yet been baptised.


  • Pray for Reza Karkah, a 38-year-old who lives in Bradford, said he believes he would be executed because of his Christian faith if he were deported to Iran. 
  • Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said the Home Office needs to be more educated about Christianity.  “At stake here is not just the life of Reza, but also his equally brave yet vulnerable wife, and their beautiful daughter,” she said. 
  • “We call on the Home Office to grant Reza asylum and for the government to address the ignorance of Christianity demonstrated in its asylum assessments and procedures”.
  • Pray “Dear God,  We pray that you guide those in authority who are making decisions about Christian asylum seekers. Please strengthen and increase the faith of Mr Karkah and his family in this time of uncertainty.”


  • Liverpool footballer Alisson Becker has baptised the wife of another footballer, after he and his wife shared the gospel with her. 
  • Monique Salumhe, the partner of Manchester United star Frederico Rodrigues de Paula Santos, known as Fred, has been baptised in Becker’s swimming pool at his home. 
  • A few weeks ago, Becker also hosted the baptism of Roberto Firmino, a fellow Liverpool player. 
  • Pray for those involved in sports, media etc to continue share their faith. 

Our Nation

  • Father God, We pray for all the new MPs who have entered Parliament. Grant them wisdom as they serve the country.
  • We pray too for Christian MPs who are led by their faith.
  • We ask you to give them boldness as they do that.


  • A musician in Louisiana has pleaded guilty to setting three African-American churches on fire in a bid to “raise his profile” in the black metal community.
  • On Monday, Holden Matthews admitted to intentionally damaging religious property after he burned a number of Baptist churches in the Opelousas area over a 10 day period last year.
  • Pray “We pray for the churches impacted by these attacks. Help them to restore their buildings and provide them with financial provision. We pray against fear and any further attacks to these communities and ask that you would strengthen them as they continue to follow you. We pray justice would be served and that Matthews would come to know the love of God in his life.”

If you have any prayer requests, please text or email Pastor Eddie before Monday 1pm, or email directly to our IT admin Chris Foote.