Praying For Spiritual Growth

Praying For Spiritual Growth

Ephesians 3:14-21

We started to look at this prayer last week and I gave an overview of this special prayer. We noted some key things-

  • Believers prayer
  • Relationship between the Godhead
  • The roles each of the Godhead play 
  • The benefits of what this prayer can not only teach us but give us.
  • Believe the final verses of this chapter on His greatness and exceeding power.

So what does Paul want to pray for this congregation in Ephesus?

  • Strengthened by power through Holy Spirit in the inner man. 
  • Christ will dwell in them by faith.
  • The power of God’s love to work in us rooted and grounded.
  • Then you can know the fullness of God.
  • Then you can know the power of God working in us.

Paul starts by using a word “cause”. Why? Paul wants us to know the reason his readers must pray. Paul is concerned this is something he must do if he wants to continue living a purposeful life in Christ.

Paul starts by bowing the knee to the Father. Paul knows where his dependency must come from, and this is the reason Paul wants to pray this prayer.

So before we start this prayer let me remind you what  I stated last week, 

Godhead relationship, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. We too have that relationship. The whole family comprises of those in heaven now and on earth now, the word uses is patria, meaning part of the family of God. So if you are part of the family of God, this is how Paul is praying for them.

The first request Paul wants them to receive is in verse 16. It is for strength, power within, this is by Gods Spirit. It is obvious this is not make us like muscle men, not at all. Paul prays for strength and the power and that is through the Holy Spirit. You notice where this strength and power is to be, in the inner man. That is not the flesh but the spirit. The Bible calls it the new man. The old man is our flesh the new one the spirit.

The reason is so when when face trails, temptations, suffering, grief and death, problems and difficult circumstances we will not look outwardly at these but inwardly for the strength (krataiothenai) to cope and power (dumamei) which is a force, energy, might  to overcome

So in other words, when you put the strength and power together you get toughness with a force. It is achieved by allowing the Holy Spirit to do the work. That is where He dwells in the inner man.