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Bible discussion & fellowship within a small group.


What is a home group?

Home Groups help to nurture an environment where you can grow spiritually. A place where you can share experiences and concerns with other Christians in a loving relaxed setting. It’s a place to develop friendships and gain spiritual input. We meet because we have a love for each other and for Jesus Christ but also to have fun, and not all the meetings are geared towards Bible studies! It’s just like meeting with a group of friends on a regular basis…in fact that’s exactly what it is!


What can I expect?

A group of about 6 to 12 people meet in someone’s home. The format will differ according to which home group you attend so it’s probably best to speak to the home group leader or better still get some inside information from someone who attends! The focus of meeting is to build each other up and care for each other. It’s there for us all to learn from each other and share our highs and lows.

We meet because we are Christians and enjoy each other’s company, after all we are family!


Where are they?

At present we have three groups who meet, one in Erdington, one in Sutton Coldfield and one in Walmley.


Why should I go?

A very good question! Sunday is great for us as a Church to praise and worship God together. What is harder to do on a Sunday is to make long lasting relationships and develop as a Christian. Smaller groups can help on both accounts. It’s important to get involved otherwise over time you may feel isolated.

It’s a great place to develop and try things out in a ‘safe’ environment. You will be surprised how many people think and feel the same way you do!

Give us a chance to change your mind about the importance of home groups.


I want to check one out what do I do?

Please see the Pastor or ask any member of our family and they will be able to direct you to a home group close to you. The reason being it will involve less traveling and also the others who attend will also live locally so it’s easy to ‘pop’ round for a drink and a chat!


When are they on?

Home groups usually take place on a fortnightly basis.


Who do I contact?

You can call the church office on 0121 384 7389 or fill out our contact form