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Yesterday we started to look at one of the great men of faith and the difficulties of life he found himself in and when you read his life story on the events of his life you are truly inspired.

The biggest asset Daniel portrayed was “He was determined” Whatever life threw at Daniel that motto was at the forefront of his life.

Yesterday we saw him leave his life in Jerusalem as a teenager and enter a different world hundreds of miles away.

Today we are in a similar situation, in that we have never encountered anything like the events that have hit our world, but we too can have Daniel’s motto “He was determined”

Daniels was not arrogant. It was, in fact, a verse in Daniel 11:32b “… but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” (KJV). ” That is a great promise and one I would ask you to consider this morning?

Accept the inevitable interruptions of life.

From his youth, Daniel was determined to live by God’s law in a foreign land (vv. 8–16). In moments of crisis, he turned first to God in prayer (2:14–23); his enemies even used his regular prayer time to trap him (6:10, 11). The book paints a beautiful picture of a man of God who lived out his commitment in very troubled times 

We too are having to face huge interruptions of life. 

  1. Please obey the rules and regulations. They are there for our benefit. Christians must obey the laws of the land and Daniel did that no matter who was in charge, and did great exploits under each government he served in.
  2. Like Daniel, this is not the way our life is supposed to be!” “This is not the way we planned our life., but this is the reality so do as Daniel did. Communicate with God on a daily regular basis. 
  3. Have a routine with Him, get to know God, ask Him to help you with this interruption in life. He will, I promise you.

At the end of this interruption, and it will end, let people say how we as Christians behaved, helped and supported in these inevitable interruptions of life.

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