Act On The Wisdom You Know – Part 2

Act On The Wisdom You Know – Part 2

Their descendants will be powerful in the land; the children of honest people will be blessed.

Psalm 112:2 NCV

When I was very very young I was taught the alphabet in this manner, A is for apple, B is for banana, C is for coconut…I think you get the idea! Some songs were written like that too, I can think of a song that Morecambe and Wise did with newsreader Angela Rippon. The song was A you’re adorable, B you’re beautiful…I think you get the idea too! It was and is meant to help us remember the song. Do you know some of the Psalms were written like that too for perhaps this approach may have been a way to make their lines more memorable? They wanted to have their Psalms or songs remembered so they did it in that fashion using the Hebrew alphabet.

So why did they? Was it for us to remember? Was it because it was a nice tune to whistle to? Or catchy words that would stick in our brain? I suggest that was not the primary motive. I believe they wanted to convey some truth so we could act on it

Most of the Psalms were written from human experience and we need to remember that. Yes, they were inspired by the Holy Spirit but the language and emotions are human.

David wrote many psalms from his human emotion side. He loved singing and writing songs and had as we know a great gift for music, but nevertheless, his life was filled with trauma and from those anxious dramatic moments of his life he penned psalms which I can certainly relate to.

Yesterday, in particular, I thought on how blessed in reality I am to many people, and how staying blessed is so important, learning a valuable principle blessed is the man, blessed is the woman, who fears God, who cherishes and relishes his commandments. So thanks David for that advice. 

David though has much more to give us and this psalm, in particular, will help us, so come on let’s receive some more advice and most importantly act on it.

There is a close correspondence between this Psalm and the “Praise the Lord!” These words frequently expressed the psalmist’s sentiments, and he has left a good example for the rest of us.

Verse 1 – a happy man/woman? 

As we found out the one who reverences (fears) and submits to the Lord and delights greatly in His commandments. They do this by obeying them. When we do we reap the benefits that flow from a life of practical godliness. Such as—

Verse 2 – a happy Family

Surely we all want this, blessings not just for us but for all our family. Most parents leave their legacy to the family when they leave this earth, and so it is passed on from generation to generation. They want their family to be blessed. David is saying Hey just a minute you don’t have to wait for death. You can Act out something now to bless. It is called Honesty.

Yes, this word might not suit all, but God expects followers of Jesus to be honest. That includes our TAX RETURN. We want to be blessed, well this has to go on your list and you have to act it out.

How do we deal with other people?

If you are in business how honest are you to your employees?

How honest are you at work? 

David also informs us of a word powerful or mighty which couples with honesty. There was a famous TV programme called Dallas where a ruthless man who owned oil fields etc was unscrupulous in his dealings. He became famous based on the character he portrayed, but for followers of Jesus, this not recommended on any level. Having possessions and wealth is good, and if you have them great, but this is not primarily in David’s mind. 

This phrase power and mighty (Heb giboµr) may well be understood as “wealthy” or “prosperous” (Ruth 2:1; I Sam 9:1). When a man lives a godly life, generations after him are blessed as well. When the honest man prospers, he does not forsake righteousness. Prosperity does not destroy his holiness. 

Let me leave you with where I started in my childhood. I went along to the boy scouts and at the end of every meeting our leader read these words out. Would you carefully read them and Act them out.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honourable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.

Philippians 4:8-9 ESV