All Things Work, Don’t They?

All Things Work, Don’t They?

All things work don’t they? I wonder like me have you ever bought something and then found it doesn’t work! 

I remember many years ago my first video recorder – yes I am talking a long time ago! I spent the whole night trying to connect the video recorder to the television. I even went to the length of bringing a work colleague to the house to see if he too could connect the two devices. In the end, we came to the decision that this did not work and had to be returned.

Sometimes our lives can be like that. We are trying our best but it just isn’t working. Often people give us a verse from the Bible which I’m sure they mean in all sincerity and it is a verse which says all things work together for good to them that know God.

That’s why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.

Romans 8:28 The Message

This verse needs to be taken in context, God knows what is best. Therefore we trust him that in all the uncertainty in life God will turn out everything the way He wants it. That is the problem, the way He wants it. This morning I was reading in my daily devotion something which I feel is not only true but hopefully will be encouraging. It was simply this. 

You acknowledge your limitations, lay down your expectations, and pick up God’s declarations.

Extract from Dealing With Uncertainty – YouVersion

I think this is very good advice but not only for this time we are living in but throughout life. So many people in the Bible were successful because they knew their limitations – Moses, Joshua and of course the apostle Paul admitted he could only do all things through Christ Jesus

In other words, Paul had limitations – we all have. That is why training is so important in life. That is why it is essential that followers of Jesus read God’s word daily. In there we will find most of our answers to life. That is why God has given us the Bible to help us in our limitations. God has also given us access into His presence. I am not limited to when I can approach God in prayer. So I ask you what is your daily portion of Bible reading and praying?

Finally, the tough one, laying down your own expectations. We all have plans and desires which we want to come to pass. Followers of Jesus though must come to a point in life where they say genuinely to God all my desires are secondary to finding out your will for my life. That seems a tough thing to say, and you will be right, to give up your rights is not an easy thing to do but essential if you want your life to work out. We declare because God loves us He will ensure everything works out the way He has planned it. Remember the song ‘That’s the way God planned it’?. Well, it is true God has a plan to work everything out. So ask Him. He will reveal His will when you take time to read and pray daily. It will be worth it, I promise! Remember though; His will not yours.

Stay Safe and Blessed. 

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