An Illuminating Sunday Afternoon Stroll!

An Illuminating Sunday Afternoon Stroll!

How many times have you made a regular/familiar journey and then observed something that you had never noticed previously? 

Luke records a very familiar and regular journey made by 2 of the followers of Jesus; but this Easter Sunday afternoon stroll would turn out to be anything but ordinary!

READ:  Luke 24:13-35 – The Walk to Emmaus

In 2010 I was suffering from a serious case of blurred vision. The cause was due to my retina becoming detached; so urgent eye surgery was required to try to correct it. Surgery helped, but my sight was not fully restored.    

In this account from Luke’s gospel, it seems that the 2 followers of Jesus suffered from a similar condition to me! However, 2 important principles stand out from Luke’s reporting of their journey home.

Our vision of Jesus can be blurred

  1. By Despair – vv. 17-18 – ‘sadness across their faces’. The NIV translates this, ‘their faces were downcast’. They were looking at life without the resurrection! But Jesus is present in midst of our most troublesome and distressing of circumstances.
  2. By Disappointment – v21 – ‘we had hoped’……. They saw Good Friday as a defeat. 
  3. By Doubt – vv. 22-24. The 2 followers expressed their disappointment concerning the events on Good Friday, but they also express their doubt about the resurrection; and later that same day, Thomas, (one of the 12 disciples), was also not convinced that Jesus was alive.

No matter how blurred your spiritual vision, or how spiritually blind you are; there is a cure.

Our vision of Jesus can be corrected

Jesus made a habit, and still does, of showing/turning up when His followers meet up. 

      3 ways in which we can correct our ‘spiritual eyesight’…..

  1. As we read God’s Word – vv.25-27. Jesus reminds his 2 ‘walking’ colleagues of what the Old Testament (their own Scriptures) said about himself, His suffering and His entering into glory. In testing situations, the Scriptures can seem like just ‘words on a page’; however, as we meditate upon them, we are strengthened and renewed on our journey.     
  2. As we enter His presence – vv.28-29. Sadly, in spite of Jesus accompanying, and Him personally revealing the Scriptures to them, they still could have missed Him! Jesus waits to be invited into our lives.
  3. As we share Communion together – vv.30-31 – Jesus is invited into their home and once their spiritual vision had been corrected, the 2 disciples did the thing that was most natural – they went and shared the good news with others.


Lord, in these challenging times, may my vision of You never be blurred or out of focus. Remove anything from my life that is obscuring my vision of You. Thank you that you are always with me even at times when I fail to recognise Your presence with me; You always accompany me on my journey. Thank you for your kindness and compassion, and may my heart always be open to the leading of Your Spirit. Amen.