‘And I said to myself, ‘What a wonderful world’!!

‘And I said to myself, ‘What a wonderful world’!!

The beginning of September is known as the Season of Creation in the liturgical year (I’m being very Anglican!!) and the words from Louis Armstrong’s famous song remind us of the wonder of God’s creation.

We are always learning something new about our world – nature documentaries often leave you with the ‘wow’ feeling. Seeing something of creative beauty, whether it be on the land, under the oceans or in the skies, can take your breath away, leaving you with an appreciation of God’s amazing handiwork in creation.

David, in Psalm 24, says, ‘The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it’ and in Psalm 8, when he looks to the sky says, ‘When I look at the night sky and see the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars you set in place’……  David recognises our amazing world is all down to God!

I was reminded of what God said to Job in Job 38, after Job had his say to God about his predicament; God asks Job a series of questions, ‘Where were you when I lad the earth’s foundations? Who marked off its dimensions?  Who stretched a measuring line across it? Who laid its cornerstone?………..

God is addressing Job, who had been through a terrible time, losing his wealth, health and all ten children. Job just wanted God to explain why the world could be so tough!

God’s response is simply to point to the magnificence of creation which lies all around. Job chapters 38-41 beautifully explain God’s immense creativity, his power and his sovereignty. Every single thing in the entire universe was called into being by God himself, from the vastness of the stars even to the smallest details of the birth of every baby goat – Job 39:1-3. Even the food the animals and birds eat is under God’s sovereign care – Job 38:39,41.

And the book of Genesis simply says that when God had finished ‘creating’, ‘God saw that it was very good’ – Genesis 1:31. An understatement if ever I’ve heard one!!!!!!!!!!

The writer of the book of Hebrews reminds us in the first few verses that the entire universe is Christ’s. Not only did he create the universe, but he also keeps it going, sustaining everything for every moment of every day. Jesus, the second person of the Trinity, didn’t inherit the universe, he made it, and he, the creator, is the same Christ who chose to die to redeem you and I. So, because of his love and grace we can trust him to sustain us, no matter what we may face in life.

We may at times feel a bit like Job, sometimes the trials/challenges of life can overwhelm us. When you feel like that, can I suggest that you take another look at God’s creative handiwork in order to remind you again of how precious you are to Him!

‘Look at the birds, they don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your Heavenly Father feeds them, And YOU are far more valuable to him than they are’… Matthew 6:26.

What an amazing and faithful God we belong to!