Ask No Questions

Ask No Questions

“Ask no questions, tell no…” you must have heard that statement and could fill in the missing word? It is a statement not to be used. Questions must be asked and truth must be told.

We have reminded ourselves of the fact that our lives are very much made up of personal, private and public life. We’ve also looked at Aladdin and how he wanted Jasmine to see him as something that he wasn’t. Well, Jasmine was quite happy to see him as he was – very much a rough diamond but nevertheless a diamond.

These three parts of our lives are to be genuine. One thing that will underpin our lives is a word called truth. 

At the arrest of Jesus, Pilate actually asked Jesus “what is truth?”. It can be difficult at times to differentiate between truth and lies. 

Many people could be said to wear a mask, one in public and a different one in private, but that would not be the truth. Truth must be something that fills us in all that we do.

There was a lady who like Pilate also needed to know about the truth. She thought worship was about a mountain. Jesus definitely told her it is not a place. It is a person. This is what he says to the dear lady.

The time is coming when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, and that time is here already. 

John 4:23

You see, the Father too is actively seeking such people to worship him. God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.

Did you notice Jesus said that God too is looking for people who will be truthful? 

God is quite happy to take us as we are. There is an old song that we used to sing called “Jesus take me as I am. I can come no other way”. How true those words are. We simply come to Jesus and allow him to reshape our public, private and personal lives into something for His glory. No pretending, lying or wearing a mask. You can’t worship God like that. After all, it is not a religious experience. It is a relationship experience you are seeking.

I hope these next few lines helps you and encourages you simply to go to God and ask him to make your worship spirit and truth. The spirit part automatically comes the day we invite Jesus into our hearts and have our sins forgiven. That is as they say a given. It is very much the truth part that God needs to deal with but He very much longs to do that.

So here is help.

Be Habitual 

Each day ask God’s help for your ordinary day. In other words whatever you have to do that day simply

give it to God in the form of a sacrifice which is surrendering a possession you have, which in this scenario is your life that day.

Be intentional

Do not fall into the customs or habits of this world. We should be different. Instead of thinking like the world does we should look at things as God sees them but be transformed by God’s culture – changed inside out. 

We should renew our minds by thinking His thoughts. We will come to know what His good, acceptable and perfect will is for us, and then our lives will really count. 

Tomorrow we see how finally Aladdin realises the importance of truth and accepts it which ultimately ends in successfully securing his heart’s desire. 

Your life too can be changed not just to look good on the outside but inside too.

Stay safe and Blessed.