Attributes of a Mother

Attributes of a Mother

I left you yesterday with some attributes of a mother described in Proverbs 31:10-31 – I hope it encourages you.

She is a willing worker (vv. 13, 19), and her work is fruitful (v. 31). She cooks, sews, manages real estate, and even plants a garden. Her family needs nothing, and she is generous to the poor (v. 20). 

The lady in Proverbs changed the lives of those around her by taking care of her children, her husband, her servants, and even the poor. All of those people had their lives enhanced because of her. 

I can remember my own mother who was left a widow in her 30’s with three children to look after under the age of 7. My mam went to work each day to provide for us and yet with the small income, she was still generous and still invited people to our home. 

Her eyes are alert to opportunities (vv. 13, 16) and to the needs of the home (v. 27). 

Most importantly, her heart is faithful to the Lord and to her husband (vv. 11–12, 30).

This woman first feared and reverenced God. Therefore relationships and responsibilities were wisely balanced. She exemplifies the truth spoken by Jesus Christ, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” (Matt. 6:33). 

I reflect again on my own mother who loved the Lord so much. Through all the struggles that came her way, her faithfulness to God and love for God were so apparent. 

She speaks wisdom (v. 26), and she gives wise counsel to her family and friends. She exhibits a lifestyle of work and love, based on godly wisdom. 

Thus it is no surprise that the woman of Proverbs 31 earns praise in the most public of places, the gates of the city (31:31), which in her day represented a combination of city hall and the marketplace. She is a woman whose hard work brings material rewards (31:13–16, 21–22). 

It is no surprise that she is praised, by her children and husband (vv. 28–29) and by her works (v. 31). 

I take this opportunity to give thanks to my mother who died so many years ago but will be remembered with much affection for all she did for me in those early years of struggle. Mam never went abroad on holiday, never had wealth, never owned her own house, never had a car, never married again and lived a solo live for over 50 years. What mam had was irreplaceable for mam sought the kingdom of God above all else and as Proverbs says, even her children praise her.

Finally, I do not know who this woman was in Proverbs, but she has left a model to live by.

Stay safe and blessed.