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As I mentioned previously on Sunday, it was the celebration of the birth of the church. Here in Genesis we see the beginning of another new birth, not the church, but creation reborn. 

Noah had been aboard a ship for over a year as God promises came true about the flood. Noah had told people for 120 years but no one was listing.

Then as we read today in Genesis 8, Noah finally knows that it is almost ready to go ashore as the birds have not returned.

Noah has been bird watching, first with the raven and then with the dove. 

Each bird of course was different. The raven feeds on carrion. After all there was a whole lot of flesh of dead animals floating around after the flood, and the raven must have felt like it was his birthday and Christmas all rolled into one – no returning for the raven!

The dove did return. It kept coming back and even brought in its beak a little bit of greenery; an olive leaf. It must have given Noah great comfort to see the greenery once more. Finally the Bible says he waited seven more days and sent the dove out again, but this time it did not return to him. When the dove did not return, Noah knew that the waters of judgment were gone. Let me repeat; judgment had gone.

When Pentecost came there was a new start for us all, even for those who had murdered Jesus. Peter told them a new start could be theirs because the judgment for sin had been wiped away by Jesus death and resurrection.

The dove as we know represents peace. Today you can be a dove and know the peace of God in your life by accepting Jesus death and resurrection. 

Stay safe and blessed

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