Controversy, Compassion or Conflict

Controversy, Compassion or Conflict

Today we will see three different people – the disciples, religious leaders and a blind man. As we read today’s story of controversy, compassion and conflict, let us keep this statement by Helen Keller in mind.

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.

Helen Keller

There is a wonderful story in the Bible (John 9) concerning the life of Jesus. It actually starts off with a question about who has done wrong. The disciples believed his condition could be accounted for by his parents or someone or something in this blind man’s life usually associated with sin to have caused this blindness. This controversy about who had sinned was the question put to Jesus.

That of course is just not true and Jesus is quick to point that out. So for the disciples, it was a bit of controversy but for the religious leaders, it was more of a conflict. 

Jesus was about to have compassion. Jesus was about to heal this man and of course, you would think they would be celebrating a blind man who had received his sight. No not at all, because Jesus did this miracle on a Jewish sabbath day. They were very upset. They were more tied up with their religion than they were with the release of this man’s blindness.

So much so that they interviewed this man three times demanding who had healed him from his blindness. Such was the conflict that they decided to excommunicate this man because he had received his sight.

You see we all see things from a different perspective. Jesus saw a blind man who needed compassion. The disciples saw controversy in respect of how he became blind. The religious leaders felt this man’s healing conflicted with their religious doctrine.

I want to leave you with how this man felt. That morning his life would change forever. This is how his encounter with Jesus would change his life.

In the interview of conflict with the religious leaders, the blind man said…

The man they call Jesus healed me v11. That was all at present he knew. He could only say I once was blind but now I see.

In the next interview, he then says Jesus must be a prophet v17.

Then when questioned further, he said that Jesus must be a Godly man who does God’s will (v31) or how else could he perform such a miracle?

Jesus then spoke to the blind man and told him that He was the Son of God, the promised Messiah. Now a follower of Jesus, The blind man worshipped Jesus (v38).

That day this blind man received more than his sight – and you can too because…

  • Jesus knows our situations.
  • Jesus is not indifferent towards us.
  • Jesus loves us.
  • Jesus has compassion.
  • Jesus proved He is more than a match for every situation. 

I hope all you cry is JUST GIVE ME JESUS!

Stay safe and blessed