Dare To Be A David

Dare To Be A David

As we end the week, I challenge you to dare to be a David. We’ll start by once again looking at: 

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 

1 Corinthians 10:31

Let us remind ourselves also from what we said on Monday that Romans chapter 12 tells us three important things that we can do throughout the working day:

Worship by giving of our bodies – Action Worship by renewing your mind -Transformation.

Remember the story about David? He would not give God anything that did not cost him and neither should you.

So how can I be a David? Let’s dip into his life to help us.


Just read the Psalms. It was a hallmark for David

Now write your own list of thanks to God. When you have written them down take two or three through the whole of this day and ever so often just take a moment and thank God. Yes, it is repetitive but that is not the aim. The aim is to show God your true appreciation of Him and what He has done for you.


That’s right we are back to the Psalms. Praise means to commend, to extol, and to glorify. Praise isn’t quiet and static, it’s active! There are many exhortations to praise God in the Bible, but in Hebrews, there are seven different words for praise, each different, but all outward expressions, i.e. vocal or physical. Repeat this exercise too.


Worship is a 24/7 lifestyle. 

How are you doing in managing the relationships in your own family? 

How are you doing in your relationship with your church family?  


How do you manage to give this area to God with all the other areas in your life which are demanding?

Do you often feel stressed having to find time?

If you do what do you think you can do to manage time?


Do you regularly take the test which determined your gifts (Network?) 

Do you think there is a time when you stop using your gifts? 

Finally, wait for this one. It will definitely cost you something and for some of us, it is an area worth examining.

Giving financially to God

Remember the verse So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. How does your giving stand up? I am not talking just about a Sunday morning gift but giving in general.

  1. Do you consider this a financial bondage?  
  2. A legal practice rather than grace practice?
  3. Are you giving to God’s church?
  4. Are you giving with joy?

Have a great weekend and stay safe and blessed.