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A  prayer diary is a good tool to help us have an effective prayer life. It also useful to look back on to see how God has answered prayer. You can download a sample prayer diary template by clicking here.

We will use the Lord’s prayer as our format.


Relationship in God’s family wherebye can cry Abba Father. We can praise Him for who He is and what He has done. To help you praise him there are 11 prayer praise Psalms:

Psalm 9, 19, 30, 33, 64, 67, 71, 86, 106, 138 and 144


This is where we want God’s will to be done in our community, nation and throughout the world. We also want God to use us to achieve God’s plan.


In our town, street, our work colleges. We need to pray for our pastor and leadership that God will give them wisdom. Pray for your local counsellors.


Revival, leaders in government and the Queen.


Take a country and pray for it. Look in the newspaper or on the T.V. and where they highlight a major problem pray for it. Pray for world leaders. Never forget missionaries.


For today’s necessities. God is a God of providence and He wants to hear about our material and spiritual needs. Pray for those who have needs, homeless, jobless etc.


This needs to be done on a daily basis. Forgiveness to others is a must. When we ask for forgiveness we must believe we have received it


List some of the things we are struggling with and ask God to help you overcome. Praise Him for the victory.

Personal Prayer

Personal requests are essential and it is not selfish in anyway to be bringing these before God. Having three personal requests is about the normal recommendation, but not a rule. It is good to keep a record of when you started praying and when God answered them.


We end the way we started giving Him all the thanks for His love and mercy to us.