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‘Tell us all about yourself.’ For those avid viewers of the tea-time Quiz Show, Pointless, you will know that this is the question that Alexander Armstrong asks every contestant. The contestant then goes on to give a brief overview of who they are, what they do, their hobbies/interesting facts etc, etc.

When I’ve watched the programme, I’ve never heard anyone say that they are led by the Spirit because they are sons/daughters of God!!!

I suspect the BBC may well be inundated with letters of complaint as a result!!!!

‘This is not a platform for religious extremists to voice their opinions’. ‘Such arrogance’!! Who do these religious so and so’s think they are??

 You can just imagine the reaction!!! 

In Romans 8:14, The Apostle Paul reminds us that, ‘those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons and daughters of God,’ He is not saying this to be arrogant or to put himself above others – he is reminding the Christians in Rome and beyond who their (and our) true identity is in Christ.

In life, we are identified by our name. Whether we like or dislike that name is immaterial; it is our means of identification. The guys I work with are also identified by a number, not their National Insurance number, but their Prison Number; and that number stays with them throughout their sentence; even if they move to another Prison establishment their Prison number is the same.

I’ve met with many people who at times have asked the question, ‘Who am I? Do I matter?’ For various reasons – at work, where we live, struggling with personal issues – we may feel that we are forgotten. However, when we have faith in Jesus, we are never forgotten or abandoned.

This period of ‘lockdown’ has resulted in many asking some of the more searching questions of life. Many have wondered what is life all about? What is its purpose? Is there any hope in what seems to be a hopeless situation? Such issues are the foundation of the Alpha Course; yet many have been willing to talk about these things in general conversation. 

Paul reminds his readers, and us, that through our faith in Jesus we have become ‘children of God – sons and daughters of God; and in the very next verse, Romans 8:15, Paul reaffirms his point – ‘you received God’s Spirit when He adopted you as His own children. Now we call Him,, ‘Abba, Father’….  

We are not people whose identity is unknown – because of Jesus we are adopted into God’s family, are joint-heirs with Christ; and ‘our names are written on the palms of God’s hands’ – Isaiah 49:16. In other words, God has your name tattooed on His hand!!!

You are a child of God – who you are is no mystery! 

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