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I confess I am not a tea drinker at all, but my wife most definitely is.

There have been some rare occasions during lockdown when I have gone to the counter to order a tea for my wife.

Here is the process…….

First make sure you have the right tea bag. Look at the label. For my wife it has to be English Breakfast. 

The Label identifies the tea. Jesus was labeled with many tags. He was called Christ, Messiah, teacher, Savior, the King of Kings, the man from Galilee, the carpenter, the Son of God, Redeemer, friend of sinners, good shepherd, Great Physician, King of the Jews and many more. 

At the cross, he had a sign placed over his head as “King of the Jews.” Jesus was in the very nature God, but he wasn’t concerned with titles.

He did not consider equality with God something to be grasped. Instead he took the nature of a servant, being made in human likeness. He emptied himself, made himself nothing. 

Next step undo the String on the tea bag so I can pop it in and out of the water 

It reminds me how we as people often become attached to things here on earth. They are often attached to possessions, pleasure, and power. Jesus was tempted by satan after 40 days in the desert with the very same things. But Jesus was not attached to these things. His focus was on doing the will of God. He came to earth with a mission. That mission was to bring you and me back into a relationship with Him by His death and resurrection.

Now the tricky bit removing the Staple I often prick myself at this stage. This reminds me 

of how Jesus was cruelly treated. You see the tea bag was pierced and has holes from a staple. Jesus was not pierced with a staple but with nails and a spear.

Finally I Stir the tea bag and that lovely clean water instantly changes colour. The colour change is really quite dramatic from a clear colour to a dark brown. The reason of course the water is changed to the colour of the tea. 

the tea bag. Dare I say it? Yes a dirty colour from the clear colour it once was.

I believe we are all like a tea bag in the sense that we are born with dirt in our lives. The Bible calls this dirt simply sin. We need help from God to remove the sin from our lives. That’s exactly why Jesus came to help us remove the sin from our lives. 

We must trust Jesus to remove the sin from our lives. When we ask him for forgiveness, he will make us clean and pure again.

Then when the process is done my wife takes the tea and enjoys the drink. 

The tea bag is thrown away. I promise you it is not used again. Jesus reminds us the same when He forgives our sin is thrown away and we can enjoy our life in Him.

Enjoy your TEA.

Keep safe and blessed.

Author Edward Lawrence

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