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He had already lit the charcoal and got a ‘Fish Barbecue’ going on the beach (John 21:9-12). He then invited them to a time of fellowship, with a breakfast of bread and fish on the beach. For good measure, he also added some of the fresh fish they had just caught

Over the last week, we have looked at people who were drawn by an unusual star and were led on a journey to seek a baby who they believed to be a king. We ended by noticing these wise men went into the house and worshipped this baby who we know is Jesus.

Not only worship but fellowship springs to mind as they sat and talked with Joseph and Mary and the child Jesus.

This of course is the beginning of Jesus’ life and the verse above is the end of Jesus life here on earth. Jesus is about to return to heaven but has taken time out to have a barbecue. The reason is Jesus is still wanting fellowship.

In today’s world too, Jesus invites everyone to fellowship with Him. He says,

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with Me

Revelation 3:20 

Will you accept His invitation? Jesus invites you to fellowship with Him because He’s a loving, forgiving Saviour, full of grace. Bring your broken dreams, hurts and failures to Him today. The reason we have a Christmas story is for this very reason Fellowship.

Jesus wants to build relationships. At this season we more than ever spend time with relatives and have that family relationship we often do not have any other time of the year. It is true of followers of Jesus who have a church family too. The Bible tells us that in the first church they continued to have fellowship one with another.

There once was a lady who began coming to church. She came for weeks all alone to the Sunday morning service. She would come in right as the service began and would be the first one to leave the church because she would rush out during the closing song. One day she decided to stop going to church. After a few weeks, the minister went and visited the woman and she said she didn’t come back because she did not build any relationships in the church. 

I think a lot of times people are like that woman. They come into church and they leave before anyone can talk to them, and then they wonder why they have not built any relationships. It takes effort from us all to build relationships. 

Jesus took the effort to cook breakfast and invite His friends. He did not leave it up to them. Jesus took the initiative and perhaps we may have to but I believe it will be worth it.

You cannot expect good relationships to be built if you are not fellowshipping with other Christians. The early church really was a close-knit church. 

Fellowship helps you face life’s problems by providing the support and encouragement of other Christians. We need each other, to be stirred up in our Christian faith…to stay on fire… ‘Iron sharpens iron’.

Over 50 times in the NT the phrases ‘one another’ or ‘each other’ are used. We are commanded to 

  • love each other,
  • pray for each other, 
  • encourage each other, 
  • admonish each other,
  • greet each other, 
  • serve each other, 
  • honour each other,
  • forgive each other, 
  • submit to each other,

and so we could go on…This is Biblical fellowship! 

I hope this season we will have fellowship firstly with Jesus but then take time in these different times to have fellowship with our own family members and followers of Jesus too.

Stay Safe and Blessed

Author Edward Lawrence

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