God’s Questiions

God’s Questiions

Often we turn to the Bible when we have questions, but what about if we stop to consider some questions that God might ask us.

One of the ways Jesus taught during His time on earth was with  question(s) which required an answer. For example to the disciples Jesus said who do you say that I am? 

Let us this week look at some of God’s most profound questions:

Where are you? (Genesis 3:8-9)

Right at the beginning of the Bible, God demonstrated this aspect of His character through His relationship with Adam and Eve. It was a trusting, transparent, daily relationship.

Let us pause right there. Is that how you see God? A God who can be trusted, transparent, desiring a daily relationship. From Adam’s and Eve’s viewpoint that is how they knew God.

Sadly in Genesis 3, we read about Adam and Eve choosing to turn from God and live life apart from Him. 

Again let us pause there not with a question but a statement. God never chooses to leave us. It is always humans who make that decision. God tells us in the Bible that He wants a relationship with every human on earth. I hope it encourages you to know that fact, and whatever you have been told contrary to what I have said you need to ditch it because it is just not true. God loves you as He loved Adam and Eve.

He is transparent in human relationships. He has given us the Bible to tell us the truth, He has not covered up but just the opposite. He has made it clear in dealing with us humans. 

Adam and Eve chose to break the relationship with God and did the impossible, tried to hide from God.

Yes I am going to pause there this time with a question ?

Are you hiding from God? 

Is there something you are trying to hide from God?  

Where are you? (Genesis 3:8-9) God asked them a question not because He did not know the answer but to get a response. .

Why did they try to hide? Because of daily routine, God came to Adam every evening and Adam would know when God was coming, but now instead of relationship they were running and hiding.

What is our daily relationship with God like? 

Are we running? 

Where are you with God in your daily relationship?

God came looking for Adam and Eve. He didn’t come to punish or shame them but to restore the relationship. 

God is seeking you out too so that you might be able to know Him and live in a relationship with Him. 

Adam was running scared because of what he had done. God provided for him by clothing Adam. God has done the same for you by sending Jesus so you do not have to be scared anymore. Put your trust in Jesus.  

God and Adam had a daily routine, meeting each day. Yes the same goes for you and me. God wants a daily encounter so God is asking WHERE ARE YOU?

Stay safe and Blessed.