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At the same moment, Jesus felt energy discharging from him. He turned around to the crowd and asked, “Who touched my robe?” Mark 5 :30 The Message 

Ever been in a crowd of people? I am sure you have and been pushed and jostled. You turn around to see who it is that is pushing you and of course with so many people it is just impossible to tell.

The same incident happened to Jesus. As he was heading towards someone’s house a large crowd had appeared to see Jesus and there of course was shoving and pushing going on.

Jesus stops suddenly and asks the question  who touched my robe? This to the disciples was an absurd question. You have got to be kidding  asking that question. There is no way that question can be answered.

So often we like the disciples think of the situation at hand and draw our conclusions from that, but not Jesus.

Let us examine some facts why Jesus said this.

Firstly when the women touched Jesus this was no ordinary touch. The word Virtue is used (Virtue had gone out of him). In other words Jesus had been given the ability of power to heal people and when that lady touched Jesus, Jesus felt that power been released. 

Secondly notice the word Jesus used Daughter. This is a word of assurance to the lady, a word of kindness, to melt away her fears.You see the lady had spent everything on being healed, as many of us would to try and get well. Sadly nothing had worked.

Thirdly I believe Jesus wanted to show the disciples and crowd how faith and confidence is rewarded. Jesus, as I said, was on his way to someone’s house. His name was Jairus and his daughter was sick. Before they would arrive at Jairus house his daughter would be pronounced dead. 

Surely when the crowd saw what Jesus had done for this moment it would give hope to Jairus that Jesus is the master of situations. Let me say again

Jesus is the master of all situations.

Fourthly notice the faith, if I can only just touch him. This lady had never met Jesus, she only heard about Jesus but that was enough. What about you? Where do you stand in believing in Jesus? The Bible has all the facts about Jesus for you to make a decision. Why not read and make your mind up?

Fifthly this lady would not be put off by the crowd. This is my chance. Who knows if it will come again? 

Again let me stop there to ask you how many more opportunities may you have to discover Jesus for yourself. As Van Morrison sang time is slipping away.

Back to the lady who believed Jesus to be a Rabbi. Therefore to touch Jesus would make Jesus unclean in the religious laws of Jesus day. You would not want that to be exposed in public so hence just a touch when all the crowd was pushing Jesus would surely go unnoticed.

Finally Jesus wanted to expose the situation to let her know and everyone else that though many touched Him only this lady was healed. Jesus knew this ladies situation, she needed a touch from Jesus. Therefore Jesus wanted this lady to know in public she was healed 

Do you need a touch from Jesus? If so remember the lady exercised her faith, her strong confidence in Jesus, and it was rewarded. Had she not had faith and confidence in someone she had never met she would not have touched the garment and been restored.

Whatever faith you have small or large I believe Jesus is still the master of your situation. In order for you to receive you too must touch the hem of His garment. That is done by simply asking Jesus with that faith and confidence.

Stay safe and be blessed.

Author Edward Lawrence

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