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As we continue to compile our brochure, one item that is so important to my wife and me is what attractions does our destination have? Will there be enough to do?

We both are not beach people in the sense of lying around a beach or a pool reading a book. We both like to be out and about visiting the local sites, so it is important that the holiday brochure lists lots of attractions for us to visit!

As a child I had read about the Leaning Tower Of Pisa and was fascinated looking at the picture of it. On my wife’s special birthday (age not revealed!) we we were planning a special holiday and while looking though the brochures we saw The Leaning Tower Of Pisa. That settled it, I would take my wife on this special holiday to Italy – how excited I was my boyhood dream was coming true! When I arrived I was not disappointed; I stood amazed just looking at this tower. I remember the same feeling looking at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

That brings me to my heavenly brochure – there will be lots to see and do. The best site for me will be that my faith in Jesus who I have never seen will become a reality as the Apostle Peter said 

You have not seen Christ, but still you love him. You cannot see him now, but you believe in him.

1 Peter 1:8 

Faith will give way to sight. What does Jesus look like and what will it feel like seeing Him face to face? I know it is going to be more exciting than my trip to Pisa. I would also add in our heavenly brochure a quote from the apostle Paul.

No one has ever seen this, and no one has ever heard about it. No one has ever imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.

1 Corinthians 2:9 (NCV)

So many surprises, so much to do; there will be music concerts as we gather around Jesus throne singing and praising, family and friends to meet and chat with. 

God is also going to give us gifts from His gift shop (my wife always heads to gifts shops, me not so much, but for this one definitely!). I wonder what I will get? I know this, it will be duty and tax free!

We will discover new gifts, new interests, and new pursuits. We will have new responsibilities and exercise positions of authority. 

I hope you are beginning to get excited about Heaven as a destination!

Finally one thing I am looking forward to is no more dark nights.

No Night There

The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, because the glory of God is its light, and the Lamb is the city’s lamp. 

Revelation 21:23 NCV

Our heavenly home will glow and radiate with light from within – the light of God Himself and the glorious radiance of His presence.

Anne Graham says in her article about heaven

I have been in some of the great cities of the world at night. I have looked out after sunset from Victoria Peak in Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year, and I have seen the lights transform the hills surrounding the harbour into a virtual fairyland. I have seen the lights of Cape Town, South Africa, wrapped around Table Mountain at night forming a vast, jewel-studded skirt. . . .But even in those great cities with their millions of lights, there are still pockets of darkness. In our heavenly home, there will be no darkness at all.

Your itinerary awaits you, new exciting places to visit, and tomorrow we will end our heavenly brochure on the dates and flights that are available. I hope you are ready!

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