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As we talked about yesterday, there is an air of excitement as we move out of this pandemic and start celebrating by once again having everyone back in church. However we are not sure how it will all pan out or even how long it might take. So how do we plan to end the pandemic?

The Lord’s plans will stand forever; his ideas will last from now on.

Psalm 33:11

Planning motivates by pointing attention and effort towards a hopeful future. Planning can shift our attention from problems to solutions, i.e. from this pandemic isolation to being together again, from limitations to possibilities and from despair to hope. It can also bring us ready for action by highlighting needs, rallying opinion, and pointing the way. We certainly have plenty of need to answer these questions.

If you feel these questions are daunting please remember this.

God makes plans

God not only knows the future (the “future” from a human point of view; God lives in eternity, beyond time, and hence beyond a “future”), He can make the future by choosing what will happen (James 4:13–15).

For example, in creating the world, He planned or determined much of the world’s future by the way in which He created it. His planning manifests both clear purposes and orderly processes. Read Romans 1:20.

God encourages and empowers people to plan

People are made in God’s image. Read Genesis 1:26–28. We are created with a consciousness of time. Read Ecclesiastes 3:11

We are aware of the connections between past, present, and future. Read Psalm 90:12 and Ephesians 4:16.

God never changes His purpose 

His decrees are not frustrated, and His designs are always accomplished. The thoughts of His heart are to all generations. The plan of the Lord God is carried throughout generations, age after age because it is settled and sure in heaven.

I hope I have encouraged you we can answer questions when we ask God for His plan for our community. Let us commit to doing that now as wait for the end of lockdown.

Stay safe and blessed.

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