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These are words that many of us may have said in relation to various life situations we might encounter.

They were familiar words from my parents when my sister and I seemed to give very conflicting accounts of the same event, and I remember in School our teacher saying the same thing when she was trying to determine who had been the cause of trouble in the classroom!  

Politicians promise many things when they are seeking your vote. A few years ago, when the original Brexit debate was in full swing, I admit that I said on a number of occasions ‘I don’t know who to believe’… I suspect many Americans have recently struggled over similar claims made by the 2 Presidential Candidates! 

The Apostle Paul as he wrote his final letter to Timothy, from a prison cell in Rome, was in no doubt of his standing and even though his circumstances were difficult, he knew ‘In whom he had believed’…. Or as the Message Translation puts it‘I have no regrets, I couldn’t be more sure of my ground – the One I’ve trusted in can take care of what he’s trusted me to do right to the end’…..   2 Timothy 1:12.

As Christians, we put our trust in the truth of the Word of God, as it is:

                          Living and Active! – Hebrews 4:12-13:

Through the power of the Holy Spirit it convicts us, challenges us, directs us, comforts us, encourages us, equips us, leads us, heals us, builds us up, restores us, and so much more. The Word of God will perform its work and accomplish the purposes for which it was sent, and it will drown out the voice of the enemy. God’s word overrules every negative word ever spoken to, over or against those who believe. That’s one reason why we need to know the Word of God, in order to speak it out, over ourselves and over others. We can believe and accept the word of the enemy until we know the Word of God, and then we can declare the truths of God’s word and use it to bring about God’s will for us, and for others. It is a tool, a sword with which we can demolish strongholds, tear down lies and bind up the enemy. It is a part of our armour to be ‘put on’ every day and kept sharp. We can stand on it, on God’s promises and see Him fulfil His word. Where the enemy says, “You can’t”, God says “You can”. Where the enemy says, “You’re worthless”, God says, “You’re precious, chosen and loved.” The Word of God is God breathed, and brings life wherever it is read, understood, prayed and declared. So, speak it out today over your situation and see it perform its work.

Jesus said, ‘Everything will disappear, but MY word will stand forever’ – now that’s something I’m very happy to believe in!!!

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