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Self-image is very important, but it is where we draw our self-image from that counts. As we said yesterday if you try to fill the void with something outside of God, it is going against your basic design. It doesn’t fill the void because it is not supposed to.

So we need to Know.

Paul uses a word called baptizo, meaning identification. It is taken in the first century as ladies who would put their garments in dye and change its colour to a new colour. 

Paul reminds them knowing this, that our old life went (self-worth) when we accepted Jesus through His death on the cross and we have become new in the sense of our worth is wrapped up in Jesus. In other words, we have changed our identity just like the ladies who changed the colour of their garments.

Remember our two verses. You are new so the old is dead Romans 6 verses 2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10,11,23, but alive in Christ with a new identity, hence the word baptizo. 

So we need to Reckon (as stated in verse 11). Likewise, you also reckon yourselves to be dead indeed to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The word ‘reckon’ is an accounting term e.g. book-keeping, calculation. It is a mathematical term. Example £15 taken to bank = £15 not ten or five, for that is not true. £15 is £15 if I live in England or any other part of the world. It is a fact. I do not have to try and reckon it out for it cannot be anything else. Paul is saying the same term to you and me. Reckon, it is a fact if we are following Jesus our self-value and worth are in Jesus. Count it to be so. Stop trying to work it out.

Reckon is not make-belief. Once I was one pound out doing my bank accounts and I said I reckon that will do to line up my accounts. My wife had completely the different view and pointed it out. We need to find that pound to reckon the books up. Only when they match can we say it reckons. Only when you really believe Christ died for you to bring you into His family (and that is where your true worth lies) will you ever be able to reckon it out. 

So come on let us believe we know and reckon to be of value and worth because Christ says so.

We are in Christ. That is a fact. Therefore act like Christ.

Stay safe and Blessed.

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