Is It Half-Time Yet?

Is It Half-Time Yet?

I don’t know if you are like me and love football? I still love to go to watch my favourite football team, but sometimes I cannot wait for half-time to come so the team manager can come in and have a right go at the players who have not performed in the first half!

There are of course the times I wish the first half wouldn’t end because we are playing ever so well. Okay, that’s a rarity, but it has happened!

I’ve often wondered what the manager says at half-time? I have heard some managers throw cups around which would not be encouraging – at least that’s what I think. 

Half-time is an opportunity to reflect on what has gone. I wonder have you ever stopped to think of your life in those terms? Have you reached half-time? Have you reflected on what’s gone in the past? Has it been a success? Failure? Or somewhere in between the two?

As we head out of this pandemic, perhaps it would be a good time to have a half-time reflection to propel us into a future I think God has for us all.

You’ve achieved a measure of success in the first half of life, but deep within your heart you want your second half to count for something far more. You yearn for significance – to finish well and leave a legacy. You’re not alone – you’re in ‘Half-time’.

Lloyd Reeb

You see whatever has gone in the past does not have to derail our present. We can go on to achieve greater success than ever before. We need to make an assessment in order for us to do that. John Wesley had a huge list of things he measured himself against to ensure that complacency would not set in.

I think we need to take a half-time break and see what we can do to make sure when the half-time break is over i.e. we come out of lockdown here at Erdington Elim Church to greater things for the kingdom of God.

It will mean everyone playing a part just like a jigsaw puzzle which is not complete until every piece is in the right place. 

So can I encourage you wherever you are to take a half time break and prepare yourself for a better future?

Stay safe and Blessed