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While talking to someone yesterday evening, they mentioned it won’t be long before you can come and have tea and cake at our house.

That may seem strange being excited about going to someone’s house just for a piece of cake and a cup of coffee. Of course, it is much more than that. It is actually seeing someone who I haven’t seen for well over a year.

Many I’m sure are getting quite excited about that. I know I am, as my mate yesterday sent me a WhatsApp message saying “can you give me some dates so we can meet up?”.

You know I believe God wants to do exactly the same. He wants to encourage us and excite us not just next Monday but every day. God is so interested in us.

In the Old Testament, we read that Haggai was sent by God to give a word of encouragement.

The problem was Israelite excitement over returning to the land was short-lived. The reason was when they arrived they saw a city whose walls and houses had been reduced to a heap of rubble overgrown with weeds.

The temple in whose splendour they had taken pride in and received recognition was nothing more than rubbish and ashes.

Furthermore, there was a drought in the land, and economic depression seemed imminent.

Not a pretty picture you will agree to go back home to after so long in exile but God wanted to encourage them.

I am sure our lockdown restrictions being lifted will be a lot better than the one the nation of Israel went home to. God would still encourages us that whatever next week brings God will still be with us as He has always been, still interested in us and still wanting to encourage us to build a relationship with Him.

He spoke to Haggai and He will speak to us if we listen. Haggai’s appeal to the people included an assurance that, despite the odds against it, God would guarantee the peace and prosperity of Jerusalem if the people would only be faithful to their responsibilities to Him.

So let me leave you with this which hopefully will excite you about our relationship with God in that God still speaks today to encourage and excite you.

God can guarantee real peace and prosperity no matter what situation we face in or out of lockdown. Why? Because unlike our situation or government He is never caught unawares and His plans are for your good as they were for the children of Israel.

Remember this freedom next week is unpredictable in length depending on many factors. Not so with God. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow so put your excitement and hope in God He will not fail you, trust me.

Stay safe and blessed

Author Edward Lawrence

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