Jesus’ Genealogy Gives Me Fulness

Jesus’ Genealogy Gives Me Fulness

I hope over the last week you have seen how although John does not give us the Christmas story he has shown us the reason why the Christmas story had to come into being. 

We saw yesterday that Jesus came to make us full, not with material or earthly things but in the spiritual. Father, full of grace and truth means that you just could not have any more. Today let me tell you two things John makes it clear Jesus is full of.

Life & Light. Life is in Him. The life (Gr zoµeµ) spoken of is not life in a physical sense but rather in a spiritual sense. This whole Christmas story is more than just an event of a baby being born. It was the fulness of God stepping down into the human race. The world God had created was in darkness. Therefore Christ in his fullness of Light came shining in contrast to the darkness of this sinful world. 

People, whether they liked or disliked Jesus, admitted there was something different about Jesus. Jesus Himself did not deny that. In fact, He says Himself I am the light of the world. That light denotes the’ revelation of God which calls men to accountability. God sees the things we do, the wickedness of men and steps into our world to show us there is another way to live.

Not only did Jesus claim to be full of light but also full of life. Life represents salvation and deliverance through Christ. Jesus is saying follow me for this is the way we should live our lives. I can make you full. Therefore to show us both light and life the Christmas story happened as Jesus entered our world and community John 1:10-14

We have every reason to celebrate this Christmas story for what it brings to the human race. I hope you are full this Christmas even in the midst of the times we are living in. Why? Jesus has roots both as eternal (self-existing) and in human form from the Christmas story.

I pray you will have His fulness of light, life and love this Christmas.