Jesus, My Hero

Jesus, My Hero

Bonnie Tyler sang a song that she was looking for a hero and the truth is we all are in some way or another.

The Jewish nation had been awaiting a hero for thousands of years. Yes, they had some who inspired them, one being Samson. I believe Israel has given his name to their Nuclear programme. according to Wikipedia (The Samson Option Hebrew: ברירת שמשון, b’rerat shimshon)

Some would see Moses as their hero while others would see David as their hero especially when knocking out giants.

What though makes a superhero? Is it someone finding a solution to COVID-19?

As a teenager, I loved the Marvel comics and today you can watch movies all portraying the heroes from this comic book.

My favourite wore a cape. His name was superman. Superman has millions of fans and I can see why.

My greatest hero though is not fictional but real and his name is Jesus. So let us compare these two and hopefully, you will like me agree that Jesus Christ is the real hero and why I would ask you to consider Jesus as your superhero.

Firstly comparing their names. They are both given as we will see two remarkable features.

In the Superman mythology, his father’s name is Jor-El, and Superman’s Kryptonian name is Kal-El. The connection here is the extension of the name, “El” In Hebrew, “El” literally means “God.”

This is no mistake. In fact, the creators of Superman (Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster) were Jewish. Although at first it was spelt “Kal-L” it was very soon changed to “El.” So it is obvious that they are making a religious connection here to reflect Superman’s very name shows he has power and might.

That compares to the name Jesus has been given. His name too carries power and might. We say in the name of Jesus. Why? Because it denotes power and might.

Secondly, in the movie, Superman’s father says “I am sending you my only son”. That is exactly what God did. John 3:16.

Thirdly Superman was sent to Earth by his father. “You will travel far but you will carry me with you always”.

That is what Jesus did. He travelled far and He would always tell people that He and His Father were one and His Father was always with Him. It was this saying that made religious people want to kill Him.

Tomorrow we will see some more similarities. For now, I hope you will reflect on what you consider your superhero has to have in order for them to be your superhero.