Let’s Party Into the Light

Let’s Party Into the Light

This month sees what we as followers of Jesus have termed the Light Party. You might think that there’s not much to celebrate today. Just last weekend my relative told me after having several postponements to his wedding they have decided just to go ahead and have the wedding ceremony with 15 people so I will not be able to attend. Sad of course, I would love to have been there. The reality is life has changed for us all but the main thing is that two people are going to declare their love and commitment before God.

Back to the Light Party. Can we as a church do as we did last year? No! Our main hall under Covid-19 rules will not allow such an event to take place. So does that mean no Light Party? No! It means we do it differently.

Why have a Light Party? Why not just cancel? Because no matter what the changes to life are there is one thing that never changes – the reason for the Light Party. 

While people trick and treat and dress up in dark costumes to associate with Halloween, I want our children to know that the light is much more preferable to darkness and is more fun and more rewarding.

Here is the reason…

Parties are normally to celebrate things – like birthdays or other special occasions. We want to celebrate good things – it doesn’t make any sense to celebrate bad things. That why we are here – to celebrate “The best thing that ever happened; Jesus coming into the world and proclaiming to be the light of the world”. Therefore if we follow Jesus, the light, we will be able to have the best life here on earth since Jesus is the light of the world. He is good and He is the best light there is. 

So was Jesus really just a big light bulb? No! But He is good and always wants what is best for us which explains why He is like a light. What’s amazing is that Jesus, the best light there is, wants to be our friend! 

We give our children glow sticks and we then all together snap them as a reminder that Jesus is the light of the world—He is good and its good to get to know Him. You see eventually our glow sticks will go out, but the light of Jesus will never go out—He is always with us. 

Will you now start praying to ask Jesus to bless all those who will be doing a light party as an alternative to Halloween. 

We here at Pype Hayes will be doing a light party with some at church and some at home through zoom but whatever changes we have to do let us thank God one thing remains constant. Jesus is the light of the world, so come on Let’s Party Into the Light

Stay safe and Blessed.