Not Another Penalty Shootout!

Not Another Penalty Shootout!

Tomorrow evening our nation will be fixed to the television. The reason why? England are playing their greatest rivals in a football match; Germany. The very mention of that name in connection with football brings so many memories flooding back.

Yes, I am old enough to remember the famous 1966 World Cup final when we beat the Germans 4-2 to win our one and only World Cup. What a day that was and we’ve been living in the memory ever since. 

Some of us can remember the last time we played Germany 

Just a few years ago when we scored a perfectly good goal and it was disallowed. The biggest drama though has always been a penalty shootout where the game cannot be decided in its natural time and so they go to what is termed extra time and if it is still not decided a penalty shootout which we very very rarely win.

All football matches have players, coaches, referee, linesmen not forgetting the football pitch.

What has that got to do with our daily blog? Well, our spiritual life is very much like that. We have an opposing team. His name is the devil and he has been our biggest enemy and in fact, still is. 

Our world can be summed as the playing field. Every human being is on one side facing our enemy the devil who is the other. God the Father is the referee who is judging and making decisions during the game. 

He starts the game and He ends the game which is Your life!!!!!!

He makes a decision and He does not need technology or any other means to determine fairness or what is the correct decision. He always makes that call spot on. 

The natural referee has the ability to punish players by sending them off and dismissing them from the game and so does God. In fact, we have all received the red card and gone into the sin bin.

Fortunately, God also has done something about the final score in that He sent Jesus to be our penalty shoot out. His death on the cross and resurrection has won the game for us and we do not need to fear that dreaded penalty shootout anymore.

Tomorrow none of us English people are looking forward to a penalty shootout. It is the one thing we do not want. I wonder though if you have considered your eternal future. For death comes upon us all and that means the game is over. No extra time or penalty shoot out.

I hope England win and I hope you do too in the sense that you accept God’s provision, Jesus. If you do you are a certain winner.

For God so loved the world He gave His only son that if you believe in Him you will have everlasting life.

John 3:16

Come on England!!!!!!!

Stay safe and blessed