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If you are unable to attend this week’s prayer meeting, we would love for you to take time out and prayer for some of these points at home:

Floods Prayer

  • We pray for all of those affected by the floods. Keep them safe and comfort them as they mourn the loss of their possessions and properties.
  • Be with the emergency services and local churches, help them to serve with love, grace and patience. Sustain them and bless them as they help those in need.
  • We pray you would protect flood affected areas from further rain and bring about a swift recovery for residents and businesses.

Homeless in our cities Prayer

  • May everyone who is sleeping on the streets at the moment be shown kindness and care.
  • Thank you for all the works charities, churches and shelters provide to help.
  • We pray for the Government to prioritise tackling and eliminating homelessness.
  • We pray for people rough sleeping that they encounter you and their lives are transformed for good.

Franklin Graham

  • A government minister has called on the owners of venues who cancelled the booking of Franklin Graham to ensure they are not unlawfully discriminating on grounds of religion and belief.
  • The leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has been speaking after the US evangelist’s UK tour was thrown into chaos after all eight venues previously booked cancelled, citing the division Graham’s appearance would have on their cities.


  • We thank you for all those who’ve come to know you at evangelistic events.
  • We know there are those with differing opinions within your Church – we ask that you would unite your people. May your will be done in this situation.
  • Pray for those suffering with the coronavirus and a solution.

Erdington Elim

  • Thank you for our service on Sunday and pray we may continue to see God pouring out his Holy Spirit in our meetings.
  • Alpha course for senior and juniors
  • Rob’s role to be filed especially that of finance and safeguarding. Pray God will speak to someone to fulfil these very important roles.
  • Pray particular for someone to run Ring O Roses in September, finance director and Robs roles.
  • New families of all ages to come
  • People to be involved in the life of the church and our community.


  • Pray for peace and protection.
  • Pray we may have an impact on our community.
  • Pray for spiritual revival in our city, towns etc. 

If you have any prayer requests, please text or email Pastor Eddie before Monday 1pm, or email directly to our IT admin Chris Foote.