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To allow for social distancing, we have reduced our capacity within the church building. Before attending any meetings at church, you will need to reserve a place. This article explains how you make a reservation at an event.

1. Visit the ticketing web page for the event

Every church event that requires a reservation has a ticketing web page associated with it. You will be sent details of these links by email. The ticketing page for an event looks like this:

2. Add the quantity of tickets you require for your party

Click on the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons to adjust the number of adults and children in your party that you wish to make a reservation for. When the quantity of tickets selected is correct, click the ‘Place Order’ button.

Is this example, 2 adults and 1 child have been selected.

3. Confirm the quantity of tickets

On the next page, confirm that the quantity of tickets is correct. Click ‘Proceed’ if the numbers are correct, or ‘Amend Order’ if you need to make changes.

4. Enter the details of your party

For test and trace purposes, you must provide us the names of everyone attending in your party and for adults, their contact telephone number. The lead person of the party will also need to provide their email address. When all the details have been entered, click the ‘Proceed’ button. Please note that you have 30 minutes to provide this information before your reservation is cancelled.

5. You are signed up!

That’s it! You will receive an email to confirm your reservation.

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