Surprised at the Appointment of God – Part 2

Surprised at the Appointment of God – Part 2

Yesterday we looked at Joshua, who from a young man, served his predecessor Moses faithfully for well over 40 years before God appointed him at the age of 80, which to some may seem a strange appointment.

Today we look at another appointment by God, but unlike Joshua, who of course was known to the nation of Israel and could well be accepted, this young lad is unheard of.

David’s appointment is a bit like the Cinderella story. No one expected David ever to be invited to a ball let alone become a king!

Like Cinderella, all his family appeared to have little time for him. I guess David would say in his early years he experienced some difficult times.

He was the youngest son, and we know his brothers had little time for him. We are told of the time he came to visit them and bring food etc. Their remarks lead to no doubt they treated him with a measure of disrespect (1 Samuel 17:28). 

Even his father did not recognise him when the prophet Samuel came to visit. Samuel had to ask have you no more sons to which David’s father said oh yea, quite forgotten about him. Worse still he did not even mention his own son’s name. 

David was we would say the runt of the litter (the last one). His father must have been thinking surely he cannot possibly be a candidate or selection to be a king. (1 Samuel 16:10-11). 

Redpath quotes this “So small was David in his father’s esteem that David wasn’t considered necessary to include him in the family when the prophet of God called in on them to sacrifice.”

Now let us go to and consider David’s ancestors, not exactly people of wealth or of any real importance. Some would say not of good stock. 

Three ladies spring to mind in that ancestry. 

  • Ruth who was an immigrant who came from Moab. 
  • Rahab the Canaanite woman.
  • Tamar who had been threatened because of adultery in her patriarchal world. Both Rahab and Tamer have not exactly got the best of reputations.

Unlike some of his brothers, who measure up to the standards of height and strength, he’s the smallest, he’s the youngest, he’s the last one to leave the fields, he does everyone else’s work so they can stand before the Lord’s prophet and attend the sacrifice. David was considered not much value so was given the job as a shepherd, fit to look after only bleating sheep.

Then an incredible event happened which the armies of Israel witnessed as this young boy defeats a giant. Now David has made it, not so fast. The then King becomes insanely jealous and seeks to kill him making the hero into a fugitive.

Still, you heard the saying “all’s well that ends well”? In David’s case yes, why? The answer is that David had a heart for God. The Bible tells us that. I hope you are feeling encouraged. Your start in life and your circumstances do not, nor cannot, prevent God’s appointments in your life. You just have to be a David, so how is your heart towards God?

Read the Psalms. They will encourage you that what God did for David he can for you. As the hymn writer said “it is no secret what God can do”.

Stay encouraged and safe. Remember how great is our God and He has divine appointments just for you.