Symbol of Hope

Symbol of Hope

For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. 

1 Corinthians 1:18

There is a game called word association in which you associate something with a particular word to help remind you. 

Question What word would you associate with Good Friday and Easter Sunday?

The answer is the hot cross bun. 

The round bun reminds me of the stone rolled away and the cross reminds me of the suffering which Jesus had to endure.

This simple bun reminds me so much of what Easter is all about. Did you know in Elizabethan days it was banned? In 2003 several local authorities banned it in England because of political correctness.  

This week coming we as Christians throughout the world will be focusing on the week that would change our lives for ever.  The end of that week would see Jesus not only die but rise again and give hope to all who will receive its power. The hope though starts at a cross and sadly for many that is just not acceptable as our verse above tells us. 

The cross as a symbol

Why do those who now follow Jesus make the symbol of a cross, the means of his death, so central to their lives? After all, symbols are powerful communicators.

 Companies spend a fortune creating, copyrighting and getting into public view an icon that represents their persona. They want something that conveys the essence of who they are. 

For example:

  • For Nike it’s the tick.
  • American Express uses the face of a Trojan.
  • McDonalds uses their golden arches.
  • Those who died in the wars have the help of a poppy. 

This week we are asking Christians all over the world to display a cross outside their window for all to see. More than ever people need to know this symbol is powerful in that it represents hope. I believe that is what our world, in its current climates, is so desperate for and I sincerely believe you can find it at a cross because of the person who was on that cross and is now living and willing to bring hope into our lives.