That is sooo yesterday!

That is sooo yesterday!

…”or that was so 5 minutes ago”.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. 

Genesis 1:27

Have you ever heard of the phrases  “That is sooo yesterday,”…or “that was so 5 minutes ago”? It refers to fashion I believe, not that I am in any way an expert in that area. The point is the clothes we wore in 1998 and deemed to be fashionable are now completely outdated. If we are not careful our self-worth can be just the same. We are driven by popularity or what people think I wear, not focusing on the real value of self-worth.

Are we the same people as in 1998? Of course, we are! But because the rules have changed in fashion and we didn’t, we can find ourselves an outcast and we will never be ourselves. Our worth is based on what we do and what other people say. And that’s the way we will be if we embrace the world’s idea of worth and acceptance. We will always be struggling to keep up and change to fit in. Romans tell us Christ wants us to model ourselves on Him. It is not based on the latest but actually on the past which actually gives us the freedom to move in the present.

In the creation story, God created night and day and said what?  It was good. He created the birds of the air, the beasts of the field, 

the life in the water and said what?  It was good.  

Then he created man – his supreme creation. Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. 

Man was great, but God pointed out something that was “not good.” What was that? Man was alone. Yes guys, sorry but that is what God said. Even in the perfect creation, God knew that something was missing, and so he made woman to complete it. God knew at the very beginning human beings need to belong and be accepted. How much more do we need it?  

People who say they don’t need anyone – that they just don’t need anyone’s acceptance – they are wrong. It’s a basic need that we all share.

So who satisfies your need? What joy is missing in your life? Christ has set us free so we can enjoy freedom for all the things that state you have to be this or do that or keep up with that. It is not about what we do. It is about what has been DONE 

Adam and Eve enjoyed a fantastic relationship with each other and most of all with God. Adam and Eve had the perfect spiritual relationship with God, but they also had a physical relationship with Him. 

The Bible says that God walked with them in the Garden. Adam and Eve were wrapped up in the image of God. When they looked at their Creator, they saw a resemblance to Him. And I think God even told them the same thing: “Adam, you remind me of myself. We do the same today when your family sees your baby for the first time. After they have done the usual oooh’s and ahhhh’, immediately they start pointing out what features on the baby belong to them. “He’s got my nose”…”He’s got my eyes”…”

Parents do this all the time with their small children. You look just like me. Or, you act just like your mom. Children do it too. Girls put on their mom’s high heel shoes and makeup if they can reach it. Your identity is taken from your parents.

And how could Adam and Eve not have felt worth and acceptance when they looked at the Creator of the world and saw themselves? Do you think they were worried about keeping up with fashion so that they’d fit in? Obviously not, since they were naked. 

The point is life was based on their relationship with their creator and Father and so is yours. Today thank Him and live in your relationship for self-worth and acceptance. No matter if like me in regards to fashion they say “That is sooo yesterday”, or “that was so 5 minutes ago”. 

Stay Safe and Blessed.