The First Carols – Part 2

The First Carols – Part 2

Let us continue with Mary’s song that we started last Friday. Luke 1:48-55

Having started in praise to her God Mary now tells us what God is going to do through Mary bearing this child.

1) Take notice of the lowly state of Mary. Mary praised the Lord for what He had done for her (vv. 46b–49). 

Let us examine verses 46-48 Here we find Mary praising God because God has chosen her to bear Jesus (the Messiah), despite her lowly estate. 

Read slowly verse 48 is the key: “For he has been mindful of the humble state of his servant.” Mary uses a word humble and this is worth noting. The word “humble” refers to her age, her background, her economic condition, her lack of social standing. Isn’t wonderful how God loves us and wants to bless us all despite our background. 

You see Mary is astounded that God would choose her. I can picture Mary as she says, Why me, O Lord? Mary is overwhelmed by the thought that she has been chosen by God.  I hope you are too.

2) Mary admits what great things God has done. This sums up what God is all about. God’s grace. Mary is letting us know there was no reason for God to have chosen Mary, but He did. It was a choice made in pure grace. 

Mary knew (I hope you do too) there was nothing that recommended her to God. Mary is saying, “I know you chose me because of your mercy. You didn’t choose me because of my education, or my background, or because of my parents, or because of my high standing in society.” Mary is praising God because he chose her despite all the things that made the world overlook her.

No wonder Mary says, “From now on all generations will call me blessed.” She didn’t know how true that statement was. After 2000 years we are still talking about Mary.

Do you know that like Mary your position in society, your education your culture does not prevent you from knowing Jesus,? Just the opposite; you qualify because Jesus came for us all.

This is the Christmas story, as the angels informed us a Saviour is born. 

So what about you in regards to the Christmas story? 

Like Mary are you counting your many blessings?