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This week I read how that, in 1845, the town of Dresden in Germany, came through a cholera epidemic. As an act of thanksgiving, a stone water fountain was erected in the centre of the city and engraved on the fountain are words from Psalm 91:

  • facing North, the words engraved are “For he has commanded his angels over you”
  • facing East:  “Whether a thousand will fall on your side and ten thousand on your right, it will not affect you”
  • facing South: “He will save you from the plague that spoils at noon”

The fountain is known as ‘The Cholera Fountain’ and it is a reminder that the city was saved from ‘the plague that spoils at noon’.. 

In February 1945, Dresden was carpet-bombed by the British forces in an act of retaliation for the bombing by the German Forces on the City of Coventry. However, the Cholera Fountain survived the bombing raids; it survived the ‘terrors of night’ (v5) and the ‘arrow that flies in the day’ (v7). It is said that the fountain was the only construction left standing after the raids. It’s water still faithfully flowing!

For many German Christians, the Cholera Fountain has become a symbol of how the love and faithfulness of God, the source of ‘living water’, survive and transcend what seems to be total destruction – reminding them, and us, that the power of love is always stronger than the power of death.    

Ironically, the words ‘Father, forgive’, are engraved on the ruins of the old Coventry Cathedral!!!

During this current pandemic in particular, we are reminded, on a daily basis, that physical life is mortal, and can be gone in a heartbeat; but, the spring of eternal life can never be extinguished. Our source of life and love never ceases to flow!

David reminds us in Psalm 36:9 that, ‘You Lord are the fountain of life’! If you’re feeling thirsty and jaded, come and drink again of the ‘living water’ that only God can give.

The hymn writer’s experience was that, ‘I came to Jesus and I drank of that life-giving stream. My thirst was quenched, my soul revived, and now I live in Him’…….

Be encouraged and refreshed!

Author Paul Emmerson

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