The Week of Weeks

The Week of Weeks

For everyone the end of this week is important; for school children, it is time out and Easter eggs, for many, it is just another break from work. But for followers of Jesus there is significance in this, the week of weeks.

I am of course referring to Good Friday. This week is the last week of Jesus‘ life on earth, apart from the 40 days after His resurrection. They are marked by murder plots, disagreeing with religious leaders, enjoying the last meal with His disciples and a moving story of a lady who showered Jesus with love and affection as she anointed Jesus with very expensive perfume.

Sadly Jesus more than any other person has been scrutinised, rejected or accepted by society. No figure in human history has stirred up the emotions of people like Jesus. Whether you like it or not the name Jesus cannot be ignored. Just yesterday a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a packed Roman Catholic cathedral on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island during a Palm Sunday Mass, wounding at least 14 people.

You cannot ignore Jesus and society has always questioned the Bible’s accounts from creation to revelation. Easter is no exception. The Bible’s accuracy also comes into much scrutiny since most of the events of the Bible happened thousands of years ago. Yet we will readily accept Julius Caesar but struggle with Jesus and the events of his life.

For me the answer is simple. I believe once you believe Jesus existed you cannot just let it lie there. You must do something about this Jesus, which is why the crucifixion has been much scrutinised.

I want during this week of weeks to ask and answer some questions which I hope help you in looking at this remarkable person. Will you do it without bias and be prepared to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you to what I believe is the most exciting person you will ever meet? Yes, you can meet this person for yourself.

I leave you today with questions that we will ask ourselves this week and I hope that you join me as we answer them.

  • Why is the crucifixion of Jesus so important when at the time of Jesus death crucifixion was a regular occurrence?
  • What can we believe about the crucifixion of Jesus?
  • Why has the resurrection caused so much controversy even among people of faith?

Stay safe and Blessed.

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