This World Is Not My Home

This World Is Not My Home

My Daily Bible Readings, over the past week, have focussed on the topic of ‘Home’, so I took to my Bible Concordance and was surprised at the number of times ‘home’ is recorded.

Even in the Gospels, there are numerous references to people’s homes; homes where there was sickness, grief, confusion and excitement (I feel a Bible Study coming on)!!

Over these past months, many have spent a lot more time at home than they had possibly planned. Working from home is a common practice nowadays, and it seems that many are being encouraged, where possible, to make their homes their place of work, although I appreciate that this is not for everyone.

As a Church, we have enjoyed our ‘services’ from our homes because of restrictions, and we thank God for how the Church, local and universal, has adapted to the current situation; however, it’s not the same as being together as the body of Christ. Thankfully things are moving forward in this area.

There are many, because of the restrictions, who are not able to leave their homes, or if they can, there are limitations as to where they can go and who they can meet, and as a result, they are struggling with loneliness and isolation. However, it’s been encouraging to see many communities coming together to help each other.

I was reminded of the well-known words of Jesus from John 14:1-3. Words that are often quoted at a funeral service, but they give us a tiny glimpse of our ‘heavenly home’ and what awaits us in eternity. 

I remember a song that mother used to play on a 45 single vinyl by Jim Reeves!!! – ‘This world is not my home, I’m just a passing through, My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue’….

It was a song encouraging us to look beyond this life and look to heaven. The Apostle Paul reminds us in Philippians 3:20 that, ‘we are citizens of heaven, where our Lord Jesus Christ lives; and we are eagerly waiting for Him to return as our Saviour’….

Every home is unique and it is an expression of the owner’s personality and taste. Jesus’ words in John 14 suggest to me that heaven will be no different – it will be a place packed with interest and beauty and will take our breath away. There will be so much to see and discover, so many people to talk to and a place that will be full of joy and wonder. Above all, it will be a home devoid of pain, suffering and grief, and Jesus will be the centre of our attention. So much to look forward to!

The words of Jesus in John 14 are meant to reassure our hearts and comfort us in times of trouble. In this life, homes are filled with sadness and heartache but remember this ‘home’ is temporary, our permanent ‘out of this world’ home awaits all who have put their faith and trust in Jesus.

For the Christian, heaven will certainly be, ‘Home, Sweet Home’!!!!!