What Am I Entitled To?

What Am I Entitled To?

We often hear the question “what am I entitled to?”. I don’t know about you but I find it strange when we talk about the word inheritance. It is almost as if it is alright to have an inheritance left to us.

Are we really entitled to an inheritance? After all whatever we are left with originally did not belong to us and surely the person who has left it to us has has the right to choose who to leave it to. 

I guess as children we expect our parents to leave us their inheritance. It is almost as if we claim it is alright. In reality though it is not alright. It is only the kindness of the person who has left us that inheritance. They could’ve chosen to gave it to anyone but instead they chose to gave it to us.

That is the same when it comes to a relationship with God. It is God’s goodness to us that He wants us to have an inheritance. This inheritance will last forever because of the person who is leaving this inheritance.

His name is Jesus and yes, He had to die in order for us to receive an inheritance. After all that is how we generally receive inheritance. We have to wait until the person has died.

The great thing about Jesus is He not only died, He rose again and therefore the inheritance we receive is everlasting.

Is there anything then I have to do to receive this inheritance? Will it just automatically be given to me?

Well sadly no, you will not just receive it. You do have to do something about it. You have to be in God’s family to receive this everlasting inheritance. Do not worry. You can receive it and be included in the inheritance.

We receive it by faith when we believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins and that He rose again and that if we ask Him to forgive us our sins He will and He will come into our hearts. 

So what do I expect from my inheritance?  Well He didn’t leave us a coffee table, or jewellery or money. He gave us so much more! When Jesus died we inherited the kingdom of Heaven.

Let’s look at our will: To everyone who has asked me into their heart and is living for me:

  • I give you my love, it will last forever.
  • I give you peace to rule your hearts.
  • I give you forgiveness of sins.
  • I give you my power to withstand the enemy.
  • I give you the Holy Spirit. He will be a constant friend. 
  • Most importantly I give you access to Heaven where you will spend eternity with me.

I hope you will give time to consider whether you want to receive an inheritance that is guaranteed. You say I am not guaranteed to be left inheritance by my parents or by anyone else and that is why it is so exciting to know that I can have an inheritance that will last for eternity and yes I do not deserve that inheritance but thanks to God who thinks I do and He thinks you do too so what are you going to do about it?

Stay safe and Blessed