What Did You Call Me?

What Did You Call Me?

“What did you call me?!”, have you ever thought about what your name means? If so does it reflect you?

Why do you think your parents gave you your name? Perhaps it was after a family member and they had not put much thought into what the name really means and how it actually reflects you.

Well not so in the Old Testament! Names meant an awful lot.

For example, the founder of the nation Israel was originally named Jacob by his parents. Jacob is from the Hebrew verb which means “to follow.” This is true as Jacob was born grabbing onto his twin brother Esau’s heel as they came out of the womb.

Now if you read this man’s life story you will discover one day he had a wrestling match with God. True I promise you. 

After the encounter God gives the name Israel to Jacob because Israel is the Hebrew name Yisra’el, meaning God contends, or one who struggles with God. From then on Jacob was no longer called Jacob but Israel and from his twelve sons, we have the twelve tribes of Israel.

So what does all this have to do with our blog this morning? Well, I want us to look at God’s names to encourage you what they mean and hopefully, you can take great comfort for whatever situation you are facing as we look at some of these names. 

I leave you with a chart so you can look at these for tomorrow.

Stay safe and blessed

HebrewEnglishBible Reference
ElohimGod of Power and MightGenesis 1:1
YehovahThe I Am (The One Who is Life)Exodus 3:14
AdonaiLord and MasterPsalm 110:1
El ShaddaiThe All Sufficient OneGenesis 17:1
Yehovah NissiThe Lord My BannerExodus 17:15
Yehovah YirehThe God Who Meets Our NeedsGenesis 22:1
Yehovah TsidkenuThe Lord Our RighteousnessJeremiah 23:5-6
Yehovah ShammahThe Lord Is ThereEzekiel 48:35
Yehovah RopheThe God Who HealsExodus 15:22
Yehovah MakkehThe Lord our SmiterEzekiel 7:9
Yehovah ShalomThe Lord Our PeaceJudges 6:23
Yehovah ElohayThe Lord My GodJoshua 7:7
Yehovah RohiThe Lord My ShepherdPsalm 23
Yehovah EloheenuThe Lord Our GodDeuteronomy 1:6
Yehovah GmolahThe God of RecompensesJeremiah 51:56
Yehovah TsebaothThe Lord of HostsPsalm 147:4
Yehovah M’kaddeshOur God Who SanctifiesLeviticus 20:7-8
El Elohe IsraelThe [Personal] God of IsraelGenesis 33:18-20
El ElyonThe God Most HighIsaiah 14:13-14

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    […] Yesterday we saw how important names were in the Old Testament and how often they reflected the character of the person who was named. Today we start to look at some of the names we associate with God, starting with Jehovah-Rapha, and how they reflect His character. […]

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