What Is In The Middle?

What Is In The Middle?

There are three events I believe happen in our lives; two of these events are completely out of our control. They are our birth and our death – but it’s what is in the middle that really counts!

I once used an illustration by giving everyone a tape measure. The idea was they held the tape measure at 86 on the tape measure scale. They then cut the tape measure at 86. They then measured out how old they were using the same principle. They then cut the tape measure at their age and of course, the tape that was left in their hands was between their age and 86. That length of tape indicated how long they have left on earth based on the average life at present.

Of course for our children, the tape was very long compared to me. There was not a great deal of tape left for me and for a particular lady she had gone past the tape measure of 86!

The whole point of the exercise was to show what little time human beings have of making an impact on the world in which we live. As followers of Jesus, we are told to make an impact in the world where God has placed us.

So let us take our name and then the two important dates and put a dash between them.

Birth – Death

Notice the dash between the dates represents the brief life you have on this planet. As you ponder the dash that represents your life think about some things.

Firstly have you ever wondered what you would like to have on your Epitaph? Epitaph (definition): an inscription on a tombstone or monument in memory of the person buried there.

I am informed that Spike Milligan had on his I told you I was ill. What would yours be if it was to reflect the life that has been given to you between your birth and your death?

So back to our dates:

Birth – Death

The first date on the tombstone reminds us that we were born. The Creator saw fit to give us the precious gift of life. It reminds us to appreciate our lives. 

The second date reminds us that someday we are going to die. There is a certain inevitability to death.

Think about the dash that represents your life.  

  • What will you do with the dash?  
  • Will you waste it or invest it?  
  • How have you invested it so far? 
  • If you died tomorrow and someone had to write your epitaph, what would they write?
  • What if you could write your own epitaph that would describe the life that you want to live.  
  • What would it say?  
  • Does your epitaph say what Jesus Christ would want it to say?
  • In a real sense, you will be the one to write you own epitaph, as you live your life.  
  • Which roads will you take?  
  • Will they lead to victory or defeat?  
  • Will your life make a difference?  

Your choices will decide this. 

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

1 Corinthians 10:31

Stay safe and Blessed

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