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Look at me. I stand at the door. I knock. If you hear me call and open the door, I’ll come right in and sit down to supper with you.

Revelation 3:20 The Message

Today that question of who to invite and who misses out is very relevant, as 25 years ago we didn’t have the problem in the sense of invitations to our wedding that so many face today.

As my wife and I celebrate 25 years today we can still remember sitting down and considering who to invite or not. In some senses we were restricted to numbers but not due to a pandemic.

We had the luxury in some sense of being able to invite lots of people. Today that is not the case I believe 15 is the number considered for a wedding today. So the opening question is very relevant, who to invite and who misses out?

There is one person I believe that should be at the top of our list. It’s not the parents, bridesmaids or even best man. The person I am referring to is Jesus.

2000 years ago someone graciously invited Jesus to a wedding. It was the best decision they made. The reason was Jesus stepped into the wedding and stopped a disaster from happening.

Today I believe Jesus still does that when we invite him into our lives. Jesus for me is the glue that keeps our relationships. That wedding showed me that Jesus cares, He did something about the situation. After all, He was just a guest, He could have done nothing and let the wedding couple have the worst possible start in their marriage, That though is not my Jesus, He wants the best and stepped into the situation, He will with you too. The verse says Jesus stands and knocks, He won’t force himself but He does let you know He is interested in coming in.

Secondly not only did Jesus care. He was able to perform a miracle. Yes you know what is coming next, it is true He can still perform miracles for your marriage too.

You see the greatest miracle Jesus did was to die for you and set you free from sin which separates us from Him and God the Father. He unites us back into a relationship through His death and resurrection.

So let me leave you with the question not just for your marriage but for your whole life. Who to invite and who misses out. I hope Jesus is invited and you don’t miss out.

Stay safe and Blessed

Author Edward Lawrence

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