An Unexpected Journey

An Unexpected Journey

I would like to look at the following two verses that look at an unexpected journey:

That evening, Jesus said to his followers, “Let’s go across the lake”.

Mark 4:35

Jesus and his followers went to the other side of the lake to the area of the Gerasene people.

Mark 5:1

I hope you noticed in the first verse that Jesus told his disciples they were going across the lake. In the second verse we are informed that they arrived across the other side of the lake.

Perhaps you say that there is nothing strange about that, and you probably are right. After all, if that’s what Jesus said, then surely that’s what will happen. What I want you to notice is the journey between Jesus getting into the boat on one side and when they got across to the other side. In between those two points, there is a significant story.

The disciples were about to have an adventure they had not planned for, it was quite an unexpected journey! In fact, a scary adventure, one not unlike today’s situation. And I believe we can learn from this unexpected adventure. So let’s take heart because I believe the promise that Jesus gives to the disciples He also gives to you and me.

The disciples that night learnt a valuable lesson that in order to get to the other side it sometimes involves hardship and conflict.

Jesus was preparing the disciples to trust Him for the storms of life and how you and I deal with our storms of life will determine our outcome. Can I say that Jesus would love you to hand over your life to Him that you might experience what the disciples experienced that in the midst of storms Jesus is in control.

So to sum up let’s take a look at two lessons:

  1. Jesus was in the boat.
  2. Jesus told them they were going over to the other side.

What we learn is what I would call a promise; a promise that we will go to the other side and also a promise that will involve difficult situations and circumstances at times. It is a promise though I want you to really grab hold of.

An important point is Jesus cares we should rest, and that’s what Jesus was teaching the disciples through this episode in their lives. Did Jesus not say cast your care on me because I care for you? Let me say that again. Jesus does care for you.

You are not the outcome of a big bang theory. You were created in the image of God and furthermore, the apostle Peter tells us how precious we are when he says Jesus brought us back to Himself not with gold or silver or any precious metals but with the precious blood of Himself.

Jesus’ ultimate death, sacrifice and resurrection is the price that He paid that you and I might know security and rest in whatever situation of life we are facing.

It is not just a pandemic we are facing. There are many more situations in-store and Jesus would remind us of His promises. Jesus will take you to the other side.

The real sadness is that sometimes when we go through the situation we wrongly assume that Jesus is indifferent and unwilling to help us in our time of trial. That cannot be further from the truth. You very much matter to God and I hope today you will find encouragement in this little episode where Jesus fulfilled His promise.

On our unexpected journey in life, let us cast all our cares upon him for He cares for us very much.

Stay safe and blessed