Assurance – Part 3

Assurance – Part 3

Yesterday we found out how we come into God’s presence which hopefully will encourage you to do just that.

Today we find out where we come, and notice it is to a throne.

Firstly a throne, of course, generally speaks of royalty where a monarch sits and reigns; and this throne is no exception. We are at a throne where a king sits and rules. His rule though is universal and without end. 

Secondly, it is a throne of grace, which we know stands for God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense.

We are allowed to come purely on the merits of Christ and that is why we do so boldly. Nothing to do with us, but it is all about Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection and that is great news. 

I know it is not about me, but all about Him and that alone makes me bold to come to Him. I am heading for a throne of Grace; as FF Bruce says “this throne of Grace is the throne of God where Jesus, as His people’s high priest, sits exalted at the Father’s-right hand”.

Notice it is a throne of Grace not of Judgment. In the days of Esther, one could never approach the king’s throne on fear of death, unless the king bid you come. Oh, what a difference! This is not a punishment throne – just the opposite, it is a welcoming throne where a king bids us boldly to enter.

So as I said yesterday, come on let’s do it!