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Yesterday I talked on calling the professional. Today I want to give you another illustration on the same theme. Let us call it the Watchmaker. This true story recounted by Ann Grahame Lotz. Let us listen in to the story.

My father once received a handsome Swiss watch from some good friends. After he had worn it for a while, the watch stopped working. When my mother took it to the local jewellery store, the repairman said he was very sorry, but he could not fix it. So Mother took it to another repairman and another. They all said it was beyond mending.

Not too long after that, my mother happened to be going to Switzerland, so she tucked the broken watch into her bag. When she arrived, she arranged for the watch to be sent to the company that had made it, explaining that it had broken and no one could fix it.

Within a short period of time, she received the watch in the mail, running like new. The company that had crafted it had no trouble at all in making it work again.

What is true with the watch is true with our lives. We need to go back to God our creator. In these different times more than ever we need to do as Jesus told his disciples. When you pray ask that God’s will might be done. In what might we ask? I believe in everything. After all, if I believe God created everything then surely God must know how to fix everything. Here is a list. I believe God created and therefore God can fix it for you in these challenging times. Our work, rest, play, money, wealth, poverty, generosity,,, government, parents, children, friendship, relationships, death, grief, holiness, justice, business, agriculture, animals and above all else eternal life.

Yes eternal life, God created that by sending Jesus to die for us. It is the reason Jesus died that we might be fixed of our greatest problem, our broken relationship with God. Jesus said this. What does a man really gain if he has the whole world and yet loses his soul? What can he give in exchange? The answer is nothing. No wealth no matter how great can buy your relationship with God. It has already like the watch been fixed by the maker and is waiting for you to pick it up at no cost.

So if you are struggling this morning call on the professional. He is waiting for you to do just that.

Stay safe and Blessed

Author Edward Lawrence

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