Doing This Will Be Like Pouring Burning Coals On His Head

Doing This Will Be Like Pouring Burning Coals On His Head

If this title does not grab your attention then I am not sure what will! But what does it mean? 

We have been looking at calling the professional this week and one reason I love Jesus is that He is the ultimate professional and He does what our title says. 

You might ask how? Well! First, let us explain what this means.

To “heap coals of fire” on someone’s head in the times in which the Bible was written refer to someone in a community who carried an earthen vessel on his head with coals to light fires for others. In the cool of the evening, the vessel would keep the person warm. To heap coals of fire on a person’s head means to warm them. 

Jesus is best at this which is why He is the ultimate professional, You see to do this act in Bible times or really any times is to show the act of goodness.

In these different times, we need this more and more.

So what did Jesus do and what does He ask His followers to do?

God is the source of all goodness and He demonstrates that goodness by His love, grace, mercy, pity, compassion, long-suffering, kindness.

Take a longer look at these. I suggest we could all do with lots of this today.

How good are we at demonstrating these aspects?

Aspects of God’s Goodness

Start with where we see God’s goodness in the realm of creation: The greatest expression of this in all of Scripture is Psalm 104 which begins with skies, mountains and oceans. Why are they so majestic, orderly, good? Because God stooped down to make them.

Let us move on to the whole world of the animal kingdom in great variety—birds, wild donkeys, goats, lions, sea creatures and the peculiar needs of each one. 

Then let us look at God’s goodness providing for special needs for shelter, food and being kept alive by God’s goodness. The psalmist mentions humankind, all human endeavour, the farmer harvesting grain and the production of bread, wine and olive oil.

The psalmist mentions life itself. The breath of every creature is God’s goodness. Your life, breath that you drew this morning, eyes opened to sunlight—God’s goodness.

Finally, look at this statement in Psalm 145 “The Lord is good to all; He has compassion on all He has made.” God is compelled by the goodness of His nature to stoop and give life to creation. So all the goodness you see in creation is God’s goodness. No one is left out. That is why Jesus is the ultimate. You and I would probably exclude certain people but not God. Today you can know God’s goodness and yes can have coals of fire on your head.

Sat safe and Blessed