What Is In Your Boot?

What Is In Your Boot?

There is a motto called Be Prepared. And I know someone who is always prepared for a game of golf. Look in his boot and there you will find a golf bag. 

Apparently (I know nothing about golf ) inside that bag there are different clubs for different situations golfers have to deal with while trying to put a golf ball into a hole.

It reminds me of a great chapter in the Bible taken from The Message translation and you will find it in Ephesians. 6:13-14.

Paul gives us some tremendous advice on how to live a successful life, you might say a hole in one. I believe that is the ultimate idea in golf. (Forgive my ignorance if this is wrong) 

The first advice is BE Prepared. How I wish as a nation and an individual we had this year been prepared for this virus which was known about I believe in December last year but were we prepared? I think not.

Who knows what life has in store so God says be prepared. 

Are you prepared for eternity?

Are you prepared to cope with life?

Sometimes we are hit with situations which you cannot prepare for and that is why I believe you need the second advice Paul gives which is take all the help you can get,

We have talked about professionals this week and a roman soldier in Biblical times was just that. He was trained and given certain weapons to help him be an overcomer and so have we.

God wants to equip every human being to be an overcomer. The first step is to put yourself in the hands of the one who overcame death. His death took away all the things we have done wrong (Bible calls it sin) and rising from the dead means we can have a living relationship by simply admitting we have done wrong and asking His forgiveness. He brings us into that unique relationship.

You see you need that relationship because the next advice Paul gives is You’re up against far more than you can handle on your own. 

Ever met people who never take advice, never admit to needing help. Can I say that is not what God has to say, just the opposite? Take all the help you can get. 

We are not meant to do life alone which is Pauls final advice. Keep your eyes open. Keep each other’s spirits up.

In fact, God describes it like this – iron sharpens iron. In other words, being with other people. Jesus sent the disciples out two by two. God wants to equip you as He knows you need help and in today’s different times you really cannot argue with that. 

So let me leave you with what is in your boot?

Remember BE Prepared. Take all the help you can get. You’re up against far more than you can handle on your own. Keep your eyes open and keep each other’s spirits up 

Stay safe and Blessed